Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful Hints & Tips for Walking Tours

There are a number of common questions which crop up regarding walking tours. Listed below are the main topics which we hope you find useful.

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What do I need to bring for your walking tours?

The most important item you need is a good pair of comfortable walking boots or trail shoes. Our advertised tours take place during early Spring and right through to late Summer when the ground tends to be fairly firm. As long as your footwear is comfortable and provides necessary support, walking boots, trail shoes or for shorter walks, trainers will suffice. You should also consider bringing a backpack (we have these available in our website shop) with any valuables encased in a polythene bag inside, along with water and some fruit or energy bars. Lastly, we would advise bringing a fleece, and some wet weather gear (e.g. softshell jacket), as the English weather is highly unpredictable and walks will still happen in the rain!

How fit do I need to be to join your walking tours?

Whilst most people with a reasonable level of “base fitness” will enjoy and cope well with our 1-day walking and wine tours, the walks on our 2 and 3 night breaks do require that you have some walking experience. The walks are between 8-9 miles and whilst much of the routes are flat, there are some challenging ascents. Details of all the walks are clearly displayed and explained on our website.

Do you provide snacks and water?

We do provide extra water, and energy bars if guests need an energy top-up between their breakfast and the lunches at the vineyards.

Are your tour guides first aid trained?

Yes, all our guides are first-aid trained. However, we strongly advise that you let us know whether you, or any travelling companions have existing medical conditions that we need to know about.

From London, what is the best train station to arrive at, and how do we then get to Alfriston?

If you are travelling to London, we recommend catching a train to Polegate. From Polegate, you will need to get a taxi to Alfriston which is a 10 minute car journey. You can also choose to arrive at Berwick Station, although not all London trains stop at this station, so make sure you check beforehand. From Berwick, again, you will require a taxi to Alfriston, but this is only a short 5 minute car journey, and can be arranged from the pub in Berwick.

Does the hotel have parking?

Both The Star Inn and Dean’s Place Hotel (our main hotel partners in Alfriston) have ample parking for guests.

Do we need to take out any insurance for your overnight breaks?

As with any holiday or short break, taking out holiday insurance cover, along with some form of cancellation cover is very important, and is in your best interest. Although it is not a stipulation of Fizz on Foot for clients and guests to have separate insurance cover, we strongly advise that you are adequately covered.