A bottle of sparkling wine

Where there’s wine there’s a way

Here at Fizz on Foot we are busy preparing for the next wine tasting evening which will have a Spanish theme. 


At our wine tasting evenings, we bring you readily available wines (some on special offer – yay) from supermarkets but which you may not have considered or merely looked at the label and thought – “No, I’ll stick to what I know”. This is your opportunity to try out a variety of wines and see which you like and then seek them out to enjoy. 


Victoria our resident expert brings you the story behind the wine and always has some anecdote for you to enjoy. 

The evening will start at 7.00pm at the Da Vinci Art Hotel, Howard Square in Eastbourne on Friday 27 July.


If you haven’t booked your ticket yet be quick as they are going fast – call Ian on 07971 851777 or email him at ian@fizzonfoot.com 

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