The views of the walk in the sunshine, with the lake and fields in the background

The weather is just right for some English Sparkling wine and a riverside stroll


Our last tour was a really enjoyable one – we started in front of the church in Alfriston then walked along the river Cuckmere to picturesque hamlet of Littlington where we then joined the South Downs Way and climbed to the top of the hill overlooking the river valley and took in the church spires of Alfriston, Littlington and Berwick. There were no animals in the fields on this occasion and the sky was absolutely cloudless! 


The walk then followed the down hill path past Charleston Manor (not to be confused with Charleston Farmhouse and the Bloomsbury Group). We admired the beauty of this spot and admired the craftsmanship of the building work going seen through the trees. After the shady interlude we re-joined the riverside pathway and meandered along the river back to Alfriston. 

This walk took around two-and-a-quarter hours as it was hot, and we didn’t push ourselves! 


The group then headed off to their pub lunch with hosts Ian and Victoria and the vineyard tour at Court Garden vineyard which they thoroughly enjoyed. 

If you’d like to come on one of our tours with a group of friends or colleagues why not give us a call on 01323 737271 or email 

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